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Our Misson & about us

Our Mission

We aim to serve God daily through praise, prayer and friendship.

 To offer hope, direction and purpose by sharing the love of Jesus Christ within our community.

Thought for the Month

I heard an item on the news the other day, that scientists have made the world's smallest Christmas card. It has a snowman on the front and the words seasons greetings.  It is so small that over 200 of them can be placed on a postage stamp. I don't know whether I am alone in thinking how useless it would be for most people, if they received one they wouldn't know because it would be too small for them to see, and anyone sending one would not be alone be to say who it was from because they wouldn't be able to sign it.

As we go into this new year, perhaps we should ask ourselves whether the view of Jesus through us is so small other people cannot see it, or whether we give out the love of Christ so all around can see it and come to Him.

Perhaps as we make our new year resolutions or our vows in a Covenant service we should make a promise to be bold enough to make sure everyone knows we belong to Him.

Jean Frost